This page is under construction, but there is a few objects here at the moment.
When I find the time to throw myself at web- or any interactive design, I usually focus on the minimalism that I am but also the informative designer. Combined. Besides doing a lot of drawings in my years, web programming have always been a side hobby that’s never really had the chance to bloom. But luckily I got the chance to spend a whole year with web development and it gave me the basic skill to make some preeetty nice pages!
- only minimalism? Boring!
Since I work with a lot with a... childish art style it also gives me the chance to add that to the web design. Above was a quick sketch what my webpage would have looked like (if it wasn't for my ongoing minimalism theme). It's an idea I had, but never got the urge to finish this for myself. But hey! It's a nice thing to show.

Don't forget that a lot of people use smart devices rather than a powerful computer... But it's good to be prepared and have a flexible web design! It's a good challenge to use a very small amount of space to put just specific, relevant information rather than just push a novel into a small smart phone. No one will probably enjoy the visit.
Want to see some code? Well, I have a few tests, nothing fancy but at least something at the moment. My jsfiddle!
- More?
More will be added here soon. Like... hm maybe some wordpress project or something simple but very attractive at the moment. Who knows! There is so much to show when it's about webdesign.
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